Fab Out Your Fit: Buy Kurta for Men

Each festive kurta for men speaks a language of its own; presenting a unique story of your style and taste to the world. It makes a statement - even before you can - by complementing your body type.

And if a kurta does so much, why not buy kurtas for men that suit your body type? Think about it, by utilising the science of body-type-appropriate dressing, you can upgrade your look, balance proportions and have an appealing style.

Unravel all the details below.

Find Your Fit

Before anything, try to understand your body type. Primarily 5 shapes define your body type, namely: rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, trapezium (or trapezoid), and oval. Each body type has unique features that can be highlighted or softened by different kurta designs and patterns.

Let us understand your type.


Picture a rectangle. It is lean, tall, and has a sublime symmetry at all points. Likewise, those with a rectangle body type have a straight look with their shoulders, waist, and hips around the same size forming a rectangular shape.
Is that you? Then opt for straight-cut or A-line kurtas to create an illusion of structure. Go for printed kurtas with classic Aligarhi pajamas, oh and, don't shy away from colours.

Avoid vertical strips like you avoid your ex, at all costs!


For the triangular body type, you want to add more accent near the shoulders, because the body proportions increase as you move from the shoulders (narrow) to the waist and hips (wider).

Add a slimming appearance with darker shades like blue, black, indigo and brown. Now to accent the shoulders, opt for ethnic kurtas for men with broader shoulders, slightly flared bottoms, unique necklines and detailing to balance the frame.

Inverted Triangle

Do you have a figure with broader measurements at the shoulders that lean down at the waist and hips? You have an inverted triangular body type.

Slim-fit kurtas were tailored for you; a match made in the heirloom!

Add the widening appeal of horizontal stripes to balance the proportions. Buy party-wear kurtas for men in soft colours with darker bottoms. Also remember to pick straight pants over churidaars, unless you finally hit the leg day at the gym.


Also known as a rhombus or trapezoid body type, this body shape has broad shoulders, a well-defined chest, and a slimmer waist.

While most patterns and colours stay in sync with this body type, buy a kurta for men with a well-defined waist and straight or slightly flared bottom. Experiment with asymmetry, distinct necklines, embellishments and colour combinations.

Keep it classy with a pair of Aligarhi pajamas or straight-cut pants.


Oval body types have a wider midsection measurement as compared to shoulders and hips. Most men with oval shape will have shorter arm and leg length.

Hence, buy a kurta for men that has vertical stripe designs to have an elongated effect. Next, let us declutter the attention from the waistline with an A-line or
Anarkali kurta that

Feel like a king with #JhoomeJoPathaan vibes in a dark Pathani kurta.

Choosing a party wear kurta for men that aligns with a specific body type can be a new experience, perhaps even filled with confusion and frustration. But worry not, The Kurta Company has your back with a wide range of designer festive kurtas for men.

Head to The Kurta Company to explore the wondrous world of ethnic wear for men tailored to suit your taste and body.

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