Fashionable Kurta for Men: Slay in Eclectic Prints

With a pop of colour, preppy style and a whole lot of textures - the new stylish kurta designs for 2024 are all about subtle playfulness. And trending at the top of our heart-chart is a gentle heartthrob: printed kurta for men.

Master the art of styling a printed kurta, and you are all set to game up this season.

Here’s how -

Be Perfectly Candid

Wear what you feel like!

Every printed kurta at The Kurta Company has its own vibe. From the sophisticated ivory Mughal Leaf prints to the vibrant Patola, candidly embrace every mood and occasion in all its essence.

Feeling cosy and comfortable? Style in a lightweight cotton-blend symmetric print kurta. Feel like being a heartbreaker? Go proper Patola with heirloom elephant prints. And for those looking for a silent luxury, sublime floral prints are a keeper.
Composed to be comfortable and chic, our new stylish kurta designs are a perfect way to embrace your ethnic side whenever you feel like it.

Find The Right Hue

Game up your styling with the most fashionable kurta for men embracing the subtle playfulness trend. How? Find the befitting colour combination!

Apart from the design, colours can help you hype up your outfit for a festive event at home, work or just a day out with your friends. For 2024, choose from fun pastels like pink, mint green, cream brown, peach and more.

But beware, colour combinations can make or break your outfit.

The safest way to go would be with a balanced contrast between the print and base colours of the festive kurta for men. For monochrome lovers, blending in different tones of the same colour will work flawlessly.

Tend To The Textures

Before all the new stylish kurta designs, pay attention to the material of your outfit.
Natural prints work most effectively with intricate and close-fitting weaving patterns, like those of cotton, cotton-blend, jacquard, brocade, silk and rayon. What more? Each fabric has its own flow, fit and feel.

Consider cotton-based prints for an old-school formal charm. With moderate flow and full breathability, it will keep you cool all day long. If you are the heart of every celebration, drape up in the flow of textured silk.

What To Wear With Men’s Kurta?

Take your styling game a notch above by accessorising it well. Go all in for layers, sunglasses, apt footwear, dupatta and of course minimal jewellery. Since the trends move towards printed kurtas for men, ensure that all these elements stay silently in sync with each other.

Sunglasses, cool rings and minimalistic chains add a chic look to your outfit.
When it comes to footwear, peek into your vibe. Add a dupatta if you are into a more ethnic style, but remember to opt for a complementing contrast. Style up with The Kurta Company’s diverse range of Aligarhi pajamas for men.

As for footwear, brown and black leather loafers do well as formal. For a more casually cool look, sneak in some love for sneakers. Kolhapuri and embellished juttis will become the talk of the town.

Stay stylish in preppy prints that speak your personality. Head to The Kurta Company to elevate your wardrobe with an ethnic kurta for men.