From Desk to Dinner: Style Trending Kurta Pajama for Men

Traditional kurta for men is the vibe of 2024! Right from your office desk to the friendly dinner reservation, the simplicity of the traditional kurta pajama, is stealing hearts everywhere.

But what makes a classic set of kurta pajama so special?

For us, it is the versatility, comfort and personality it brings to the table. If your go-to style is an ethnic kurta for men, this guide has all the information you need to charm up one kurta pajama set for both office and unofficial events.

Opt for the Right Kurta For Men

Here is the thing, Styling a kurta as office wear is tricky, not impossible. And the best part of buying the right kurta is that you can style it for other occasions as well.

For the office, you want to focus on comfort and professionalism with the right fabric and colours. We put our bets on silk-blend fabrics in muted colours of peach, blue, gold, cream and white.

The flawless flow of the silk material gives off a textured feel that goes well as office wear. Cotton blends like those of chicken cotton can be a comfortable choice too.

Read more on how to choose the right kurta for men here.

Accessorising for the Office Look

We cannot emphasise enough that the new stylish kurta designs for men focus on silent sophistication. What does this mean? For beginners, you get more creative freedom to accessories and style your outfit.

Keep it simple and subtle with a minimalistic approach. Go for a classic watch, a simple stone ring, or a sleek bracelet to add a personal touch to your outfit. As for the footwear, rock the day in a classic pair of loafers or derby shoes.

Transitioning from a Desk to Dinner Look

Now comes the interesting part, transitioning from the day-desk style to the start of the evening party. That too, in the same traditional kurta for men.

Earlier we suggested opting for silk and cotton-based kurta pajamas for men, the logic is simple, these fabrics give off a soft upbeat style that is suitable for professional and personal events.

Add on an ethnic jacket, pocket square or brooch, and viola your simple day outfit is all set for special dinners. If you are feeling more extravagant, go for vibrant jewellery, contrasting the base colour of your outfit.

Ditch all formalities with a pair of simple mojri or jutti.

Bottoms Up Your Look

The most overlooked part of transitioning between styles is the bottoms. Pair your kurta with well-fitted chinos for the office, and switch to tailored dhoti pants or ethnic Aligarhi pajamas for festive occasions.

Styling the same kurta for different occasions is fun and experimenting, but also comes with a lot of thoughtfulness. The Kurta Company pays attention to the materials, colours, and designs to give you a versatile styling experience, tailored to fit the diverse demands of the workday and festive night.

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