The Dude's Guide to Keeping Your Kurta Cool

Timeless, elegant, cool & comfy. Traditional kurta for men has seen many transformations. It went from essentially puja kurtas to chic daily-wear essential for men.

These timeless pieces of art elevate any setting, and with a little love and care, they can remain stunning for years.

Here’s a guide on male kurta maintenance, that will help you keep your kurta looking its best.

Washing Wizbook Wisdom

Alright, so you've rocked that festive puja kurta at the celebration, and now it's time to give it a gentle wash. Start by checking the ‘care label’ for specific instructions, as materials and embellishments can vary.

Typically, it's best to hand wash the kurta in cold water with a gentle detergent to preserve its colours and embroidery. When it comes to traditional kurtas for men, it is best not to wring, twisting or stretching the fabric.

Next, if your traditional kurta has delicate embellishments or detailed embroidery, turn the kurta inside out before washing to protect these embellishments from friction and agitation.

Spotlessly In Spotlight

Accidents happen on the go. Perhaps it is a food stain, perhaps it is just ink or dreadful oil stains. Quick action can save your kurta.

If you spill something, blot the stain gently with a clean cloth or tissue—don’t rub it. If the stain persists, use mild soap and water depending on the kind of stain.

For instance, do not rub the ink stain with water, it may push it further. When in doubt or dealing with delicate fabrics, entrusting the task to professional cleaners ensures thorough and safe stain removal.

Throw Some Shade

A good day for your silk kurta isn’t a very sunny one. So when you dry your festive kurta, make sure to throw some shade for the good.

Hang your kurta away from direct sunlight, where it can bask in the gentle caress of shadow, drying slowly and regally. This way, you can preserve its lustrous glow and colour from fading.

Another tip to dry traditional kurta for men is to hang it inside out on a hanger to preserve the colour and structure of your kurta.

The Irony Of Ironing

Ironing your kurta should be done with care. Use a low-temperature setting and place a cloth between the iron and the kurta to avoid direct contact. This way, you’ll smooth out creases without damaging the fabric.

Steaming festive kurta is also great for protecting the design and material from excessive heat, especially if the traditional kurta is embellished with intricate details. The key element is no direct contact between the hot streamer and the delicate fabric, preserving the fabric's integrity.

Sort Out The Storing

Properly storing your ethnic wear is crucial for preserving its quality and vibrancy over time. Find a cool, clean and dry spot for your traditional kurta and hang them with care on padded hangers to maintain the form and structure. If hanging isn't feasible, a careful fold along natural lines can prevent unsightly creases.

Next, get a breathable garment to store your delicate traditional kurta. This way you protect it from dust and pesky insects, especially during the monsoon. Cotton covers would work as well.

Taking these simple steps ensures your ethnic wear stays fresh and ready for any occasion, allowing you to showcase your cultural pride with confidence. For all things related to Kurta's head to our blog section and to glam up your celebrations with the best silk kurtas for men, shop with The Kurta Company.