Being plain has never been more playful and funk! March 2024 is all about celebrating Holi in a plain kurta for men. As the festivities set up a fashion stage, there is no better occasion than Holi to flaunt some plain festive kurtas for men.

Say hi to your ethnic side in colours that will forever embrace you and your sweet memories of Holi. Find out how.

Men Plain Kurta: Holi Collection Special

This Holi, stay on the move in monochrome and plain kurtas and pajama. And immerse yourself in joy and peace with whimsical puja kurta for men. Remember, the festival of colours will be equally busy; as it will be joyous and unwinding, so make sure to put comfort first.

Here is how you can win at fashion this Holi:

Be A Cotton (Eye) Candy

Cotton kurtas for men should be your star choice for Holi. Being the signature fabric for the season, cotton blend fabrics keep you comfy and cool all-day long, ensuring you can enjoy every moment of the festival.

Add a shimmer of festivities to a plain kurta with vibrant colours like yellow, azure, navy blue, pink and of course the classic white. With an intricate weft & warp pattern, cotton kurtas for men give a sublime flow to your attire for Holi.

Play The Plain Game

Revel in the simplicity of plain kurtas for men. Silently making an elegant statement, plain kurtas can be a matchless mate for an occasion like Holi. Suited well for Holika Pooja and close evening gatherings, a plain kurta gives you ample space for accessories and personalised styling.

Layer up with a pair of sunglasses, get into your show-stealing sneakers and you are all set to blaze brighter than the pious fire.

Master The Mandarin

Effortlessly wrapped around your neck, the collar makes all the difference. Creating an elongated illusion for your neck, the mandarin collar is a great choice for festive kurtas for men.

Being naturally elegant and formal, any cotton kurta with a mandarin collar gives off a refined and polished look to your appearance. And when it comes to puja kurta for men, it is the best cultural fit.

Aesthetics Accessories

Be a canvas, not a clutter! Amidst the mix of colours, stand out by embracing one dominant colour, visually toned down with complimenting or contrasting accessories.

Consider this, you got our classy white cotton kurta for Holi; styled it with navy denims and tan shoes. Now add a statement watch, cool sunglasses, a bracelet if you feel fancy and a traditional jacket with minimal design (optional).

Oh, I almost forgot!

Earthy tones go well for belts and shoes, pastel tints for scarves or dupattas, whites if your festive kurta is in pastel shades, and yes, metallic shades like ivory, silver and gold for rings and bracelets.

With all that space for adding a personal touch, plain kurtas for men are a simple yet impactful way to style up in Holi. Come find your vibe or the tailored gift for your bro with our Holi collection of plain kurtas for men.

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